phpMyViews is a small PHP script, which allows you to easily create mySQL queries and put the output in HTML pages.

But that's not the only thing, phpMyViews not only shows mySQL data, but can also manage small formular based mySQL editing actions, including INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, ...

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2014-05-24: released version 0.4 which supports validation, added validation example to the tutorial section.

2004-11-05: i periodically get mails or questions in the forum, so don't hesitate to ask your questions or send me improvement suggestions.
Great would be, if you could send me some screenshots or URLs of PMV in action ! Mail address is below.

2004-01-21: installed a small forum for you to post your comments and feature requests.

2003-12-12: released version 0.3, see the download section. includes validation and browsing feature. comments are welcome.

2003-12-11: included browsing feature for displaying large SELECT results on different pages. check CVS

2003-12-01: i'm working on support for form validation. will be included in next release (beginning of 2004)

2003-10-24: tutorial no 3 - for the PMV experts... ;-)

2003-10-22: updated the tutorial pages

2003-05-05: started project, created this page, release 0.1 and 0.2


As phpMyViews is a PHP script, you need a web server with PHP functionality, and of course a mySQL database, where you can get your data from.


Download the script and the config file from SourceForge

Examples / Tutorial


this script has been written by Wolfgang Ulmer. feel free to mail him Logo